Answers2Health – It’s Your Journey Live It – is focused on providing information and services that will assist you to enjoy

Physical & Emotional Wellbeing, Being Purposeful, Creative and Living a Fulfilled Life that is Your Truth and Magnificence.

Answers2Health utilises the methods and secrets of ancient wisdom and future sciences to free you from:

- Physical pain and distress
- Mental and emotional turmoil
- Spiritual fears
- Depression
- Poverty mindset
- Dysfunctional family life

The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change Heraclitus

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  • Being pain free
  • Getting through a day without a sleep
  • Eating food without a bloated stomach
  • Being able to say “I don’t get headaches or migraines”
  • Easily walk for an hour and still have energy
  • Have a body like your favourite sports hero?
  • Emotional balance
  • Mental clarity and focus
  • Being a master of your thoughts not a victim of the ‘chatter’
  • Having a great relationships with yourself, lover, family, friends
  • Not worrying how to pay the bills
  • Ability to express your creativity
  • Be inspired

The Past is just as malleable as the Future, we can effect both from the present moment.

Wellbeing is a reflection of being empowered in the main areas of your life and bringing those into balance. The realization of how your thoughts, perceptions and automated behaviours, due to past and present experiences, are creating stress and ill health in your physical and mental body, allows you to free yourself from this unnecessary baggage and take the right action to create an inspired and fulfilling life. With guidance from Answers2Health, you can do it.

Its about creating harmony and balance between your body, mind and that inner essence of you – that’s good health. That is what allows you to live fully, appreciating and evolving on your journey that is uniquely yours and uniquely wonderful.

So welcome to Answers2health. Browse through and learn simple techniques to improve your life.

Life style & Mindset Consultant

Mastering all 7 areas of your life leads to fulfilment and success. Knowledge, career, finances, family, relationships, health and spirit all have an effect upon your perceptions and experiences of life. This is a vital key to your freedom and self empowerment. Give yourself permission to be magnificent!

Holographic Kinetics & Naturopathy

A highly advanced blend of Quantum Physics, Ancient Wisdom and Natural Therapies to assist you to clear blockages, charged emotions and traumas that are affecting the function of your body and keeping you imprisoned in the same thoughts and recurring patterns. Restore energy and vitality, joy and meaning to your life and access the mystery of your truth.